Whenever I’m not working or running around after two kids – I’m on the sewing machine!  I love bright colours, clashing prints and vintage styles from the 50s and 60s. And pompoms. Love a pompom.



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Hi everyone! Welcome to our first post in the ‘Sew & Tell’ series. We know how much you enjoy seeing other people’s makes. So, each month we will be inviting people to get creative with our beautiful fabrics and sewing patterns… and then share the experience with you right here, on our brand new blog!

First up we have Alice. She is relatively new to the world of sewing blogs, with her blog The Skinted Sewist being less than a year old. It’s all about maximising your sewing budget – everything from seeking out bargains to thrifting and upcycling. Do check it out, and you can also follow her over on Instagram too @theskintedsewist.

When we told Alice we would be adding the Deer & Doe Sewing Patterns to our collection in 2018, she was really keen to give them a try…

Flying away on my (Deer and Doe) Zéphyr

I am very late to the Deer and Doe party. Their Hoya blouse, Mélilot shirt and chums were cropping up on my Instagram feed throughout 2017 and it was time I joined the fun. I played it fairly safe and went for the Zéphyr Dress.

It’s a knit skater dress with princess seams, so my hope was that it would be super girly and fitted but also comfy a.f., and it definitely fulfilled these hopes. This pattern is given a level 2 (1 being absolute beginner) and it really is perfect for those who are new to sewing and want to try a garment with stretch fabric. Princess seams could potentially be a bit daunting for beginners but these just glided together, and it was one of those makes that comes together really quickly once it’s cut.

I made a wearable toile of the dress using grey jersey; the only alteration I made to the pattern was to add 4cm to the bodice length, other than that it was a ‘straight from the pack’ size 38:

I used the navy polka dot jersey fabric, which is super soft and so satisfyingly  s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y (the pattern requires 40% stretch). I decided to add pockets and to lengthen the skirt by 12.5cm to hopefully create a more retro-inspired look with the polka dot fabric, and I’m so pleased with how it turned out!

This dress is a proper secret PJs dress and it ticks all the boxes:

✓ Comfy

✓ Quick to make (perfect for the impatient sewist!)

✓ Practical

✓ Versatile

It can also be made as separates, so I’ll no doubt be making more of these very soon!